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Salma Akter
Jun 21, 2022
In Elder Care Forum
Nowadays, with the development of Internet executive list technology, Internet-related industries are experiencing explosive growth. Internet financial executive list products are also emerging. Their appearance brings certain convenience to people's life and further promotes social and economic development. However, the emergence of Internet financial products has brought certain challenges to the development of traditional banks. In order to adapt to the new environment, The emergence of third-party payment, big data executive list finance, P2P online lending, crowdfunding and third-party financial platforms promotes the further diversification of online financial services. Therefore, under the impact of the Internet, various banks have developed their own Internet financial platforms in order to cater to the general environment of Internet executive list finance. Next, I will focus on the user incentive system, conduct a competitive analysis of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China APP, China Merchants Bank APP, and Alipay, and finally executive list propose a user incentive plan for traditional bank APPs. It can be seen from the figure executive list that the target customers of these three apps are mainly distributed in the 20-39 age group, and most of them are male. This is because users in this age group are younger, have a stronger ability to accept new things, and are more concerned about financial management. Therefore, the formulation of user incentives can mainly target male customers in the 20-39 age group.
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Salma Akter

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